Cedar Bay Retreat DepositThank you for your interest in scheduling an appointment to see our beautiful riverfront outdoor venue to hold your upcoming event. We consider your time and ours very valuable. Those that tour our facilities are given a 7 day free hold guarantee of your chosen date so you can prepare to make your deposit and/or tour other facilities to find the one that will best suited for you.

Our Retreat Center facilities are in use and scheduled everyday for meetings, dinners and fellowships by area businesses and  ministries so unless of a hardship case we only show our venue on Sundays between 12pm and 3pm. We keep these hours clear just for tours every week.

Ours is a simple 3 step process;

    1. We make appointments via our Contact Page, calls, texts or emails

We will then let you know when we have a time slot available. A time will be given to you and we will prepare the facilities for your upcoming visit..

     2. You will need to call or text to confirm your scheduled appointment.

This helps us to know that nothing has come up and that you plan to attend as agreed.  It shows us your true interest and we will be glad to reschedule you at another time if you call. This is just considerate of your time and ours.  Your call allows us to schedule someone else if you are not able to make it. 

    3. Send us the Bride & Groom’s Contact Details and Specific Needs via our Contact Us page

Please send these things as soon as you schedule your tour. Let us know anything else you feel might helpful to us to properly show you all we have to offer at our facilities.

Thanks again for considering Cedar Bay Retreat! We look forward to meeting you.

Camille Jennings

Camille Jennings, Associate

Your appointment will be with my assistant Camille Jennings, she knows how to reach me should any question arise which she is not able to answer.

Jose Bosque




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