Save the Date

Save the Date

It is important to remember some basic principles to contract the best venue / place / location for your next special event . First and foremost make a list of the must have’s and then add those wished for items last. Try to pick at least 5 places to go and look at who have all the must have’s and fits within your budget. Before you arrive make sure you have checked out the venue’s website for each location you have chosen to tour. Pay special attention to the small print. Don’t just look at the pictures in the Gallery.

Sad to say but because of the competition among venues and social media selling on the World Wide Web, sometimes at first glance what you see will not always what you get. In this day and age it is important not to waste your valuable time going to look at places that will never fit in your budget or simply do not offer exactly what you need and want.

Next, if you are serious about what you have seen come prepared to put down the required deposit. Many people procrastinate and because it seems like the date is still far off they end up losing their desired venue.

Here at Cedar Bay Retreat we understand that sometimes there are others involved in the decision making process so it may take a week to get with everyone and agree to pay the deposit to save the date. As a courtesy once you do a tour and are considering  our location for your event we pencil in a reservation for 7 days for free. If after that time we do not hear from a particular party we erase the reservation and open up the date again.

Many early spring dates and fall dates are very desirable and will go fast so you really don’t have 55 weekends to choose in Florida. Some of our bookings are two years in advance so you really only have 8-10 choices in the spring and 8-10 choices in the fall. Add to that holiday, birthdays and other special celebrations and you can see why waiting to make a decision can make choosing and getting the desired venue difficult.

So get your pen and pencil out and we wish you the best of luck as you search for your special place to Save the Date for your next special celebration!

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