Cedar Bay Retreat FAQ

1. When can I have my wedding rehearsal? 

We work with you to arrange a time for your rehearsal that does not interrupt any other events.  We offer this Rehearsal time to you as a courtesy free of charge.  Rehearsals last one hour and they are on Thursday. If we are not booked we will be glad to move your rehearsal to the Friday before your wedding. Extra time for a rehearsal will be at the rate of 250.00 an hour so please be prompt.

2. When can we Set up & Decorate?

We provide a two hour set up and delivery window before any event at no charge. You are allotted two hours prior to your event start time for decorating, vendor arrival and set up.  Depending on the day and time of your event, you may be able to purchase additional pre-event set up time.

3. Do you provide a Coordinator to assist with keeping my event running smoothly? 

Yes ,This service is included in your rental cost

4. How much do I owe for cleaning after the event?

We do not charge for the “reasonable and expected” cleaning after an event.  Should there be need for excessive cleaning an additional charge will be assessed based on the condition of the venue at that time and deducted from your security deposit.

5. Can I use candles in my decorations?

Yes, as long as they are in glass.

6. May we throw rice & confetti during the exit? 

No, we recommend birdseed

7. May we use nails to hang up our decorations?

No we recommend using tack, tape or glue

8.Why the difference in costs between a celebration and a wedding?

Mostly it has to do with time and the areas that will be used. The longer times and the more areas requires extra work to prepare for your use and clean up afterwards.

9. Can we have alcohol at our event?

Yes, if it is beer or wine in moderation. Any other liquor will require the hiring of a licensed and bonded bartender who can oversee serving of the guests and to make sure no under age drinking or intoxicated drinking allowed. Liquor other than beer or wine will also require the purchase of Wedding insurance for the event. See sidebar on front page.

10. Can anyone contact Cedar Bay Retreat about our wedding needs?

No, unless you have been authorized as the representative for the bridal party  or event rep for the event please funnel your questions through the authorized representative. Each event only needs one person. Things get very hectic for us when parents, grandparents and/or others call us to discuss your event.

11. Are there any rules concerning the music our DJ can play at our event?

Yes, for a full explanation see #14 on the Event Rules page

12. Do we need to sign a contract?

We strongly recommend everyone read the entire website before entering into contract with us. We have no fine print  but our invoice which you receive when you pay the deposit clearly states:  Payment of the Deposit constitutes acceptance of Cedar Bay Retreat rules and policies as outlined in


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