Jose L Bosque RenacerThe year was 1989 when Jose Bosque Revival Partners founder first laid eyes on the 11 acre parcel on the shores of Cedar Bay. The property had been leased to a ministry and church that had lost its way and now was back in the hands of the Halley Day trust from Texas which owned it. It was abandoned full of cobwebs, high vegetation and old rotting boats but Jose had a gift to see beyond all the flaws and believe for the restoration of the land.

After a year of back and forth negotiations and much prayer Halley Day Trust agreed to sell the Bosque family the property as long as a 3 acre parcel was carved out as a tax deductible gift to Ministerio Renacer dba Revival Partners. Without ever hearing a sermon, God had touched the hearts of the millionaires in charge of the trust to give them the property on the banks of Cedar Bay.

Bosque sold his home in the Southside of the city, paid off his bills and had just enough left over to buy a used 24 ft. camper so with his wife and two girls moved on to the property in 1990. There in a 3 acre field full of weeds, thorns, and fallen trees he began to believe for the opportunity to one day build a home and ministry center on the land. A year passed when the Lord instructed Bosque to begin to believe for the the finances so he began to visit log cabins built in the area, drew up the blueprints and began paying to have the foundation laid for a retreat center he could never afford on his meager salary as a Hispanic pastor. Another year passed and seeing 4 feet of weeds and thorn bushes covering up the rusting iron and block foundation, Bosque now in disbelief began to give up on the dream. The only faith he had left was a small paper sign he had picked up at a conference which read “Believe in Miracles” which he had pinned inside the camper.

In the fall of 1992 a Christian millionaire from Orange Park by the name of Homer Custead, who had help build eight churches in the area came to visit Bosque. Ashamed, Bosque agreed to meet him next door at his brother’s house. Bosque shared his dream for a multicultural church and the need he had for a building somewhere in the Southside of Jacksonville. Homer C Custead spoke not a word but asked Bosque where do you live? Bosque took him to his camper and Homer said; where are the plans? The plans for what, Bosque said? Bosque had not mentioned his dream home and ministry center at all in the entire conversation.

The plans for the home Homer said. I have been sent by the Lord not to build just a church building but to build a parsonage for you and your family. Bosque explained he didn’t make enough money to pay Mr. Custead  back but Homer wouldn’t hear of it he just said pay me what you can when you can and wrote Bosque the first check of three checks that he would write to finish the build. In the spring of 1993 Bosque moved in to the new parsonage and Ministry center for Revival Partners International.

Since then the property has been used yearly by over 100 churches and ministries in the North Florida area. The food bank on the premises feeds hundreds of families and poor people weekly. Thrift has been stored, collected and distributed to help families in crisis reaching all the way to third world nations. It is the hub for international training of pastors and business leaders on a weekly basis. It also houses the yearly national retreats of several national and international ministries. With the Airport nearby it is also the sending center for many missionary teams and global evangelists.

Bosque has been living by faith for over 30 years. He doesn’t believe fundraisers, Go-Fund Me campaigns, collecting offerings or requiring an Honorarium.

Your use of Cedar Bay Retreat will help this ministry continue to bless and impact the city, the country and the nations of the world with the love of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Thank you in advance for your favorable consideration,

For Ministerio Renacer Inc dba Revival Partners International


Jose L Bosque President & Founder

January 2015

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