Event Rules

Wedding Venue Use Rules

Non- Standard Expenses & Retreat Rules

1. Any additional hours over 5 hours– $250.00 dollars per hour

2. There is a $250.00 fee for moving any decorations, furniture or plants on the patio or the porch. For us to move it all; plants, furniture and decorations is an extra 500.00 dollars. We do the moving because we have yet to find anyone who can remember where to put things back when they are done.

3. There is no eating or drinking allowed in home. Food preparation is allowed in the kitchen by your caterer. Our appliances are off limits. Your caterer must bring their own equipment (chafing dishes and coolers) to heat and cool food.

4. No event decoration personnel or caterers on the premises before 10AM– all day means 12 hours from 10AM to 10PM. 

5. (No Events before 10 am & after  (10pm-11pm Clean up time) Now ALL Day Rates  are available**** Contact us for your specific need.

6. In the event of rain during the event and guests move to the covered porch not inside the home. If that happens there will be an extra $150.00 deducted from the refundable deposit for extra costs and cleaning.

7. Please help us keep your guests to the areas outlined in the Agreement (the Back Porch, Patio and Field during your event)

8. Please ask your designated representative to watch for unsupervised children running around. Parents should be responsible for the supervision of their children

9. Anyone acting belligerent, loud and /or intoxicated will be asked to leave the premises.

10. For your delight the grounds are decorated with over 3oo flowers and rare Plants. Please advise your guests from pulling off flowers, knocking pots over over and/or stepping on them.

11. We are an outdoor venue all consumption of food or drink is limited to the porch and back patio area

12. The 2nd floor is completely off limits to all guests and vendors. The front porch is also not part of the party or reception area. The side yards are full of plants that are not visible at night so please keep your guests (especially the children & teens) away from there.

13. In general it is the responsibility of the designated wedding planner to deal with any situations which might arise during the event. Please make sure someone is designated other than the Bride and Groom to speak to our representative on their behalf on their wedding night.

14. We are a Christian organization/church and we adhere strongly to orthodox beliefs, principles and practices. If you have a DJ play dance music please make sure they understand they are not to play music with “Explicit Lyrics”

Translation of above,

1 Degrading– lyrics which are disrespectful to women

2. Suggestive– lyrics describing a sexual act or a desire for it

3. Vulgar-Any use of the F Word or cursing

If you need the above style of “music” to have a good time we recommend  you find another location.

These rules are here to help your event be a memorable one that you can cherish for years. Please contact us if you have any questions as to how those may pertain to you and your event.

Jose Bosque


Cedar Bay Retreat


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