DIY Daytime Wedding Special

diy wedding specialWhy get married at the Courthouse? We are pleased to announce a very special introductory wedding plan. We understand times are hard but that shouldn’t keep you from having a beautiful memorable wedding on our Riverfront location.

We are making Cedar Bay Retreat available for three (3) hours Monday – Thursday from 11am to 2pm for $550.00 dollars 2pm to 5pm window for $750.00 dollars. or Sundays 3 hours for $950.00 dollars.

Think of how amazing it will be to have access to such a beautiful setting and be able to save your hard earned money for your honeymoon, new home or any other newlywed expense! All we need is a 48 hour window before so we can handle your last minute wedding.

The save the date/security deposit is only $250.00 dollars.


Requirements to qualify for the above plan:Last minute wedding jacksonville

1. No movement of present furniture

2. Less than 25 total guests

3. Total time is 3 hrs. for the whole event

5. This is strictly for the use of the large concrete patio, back porch area and restrooms

If you are looking for a DIY wedding venue or a last minute wedding location we hope we can be of service to you. We thank you in advance for your consideration of Cedar Bay Retreat.

Jose Bosque




13 comments on “DIY Daytime Wedding Special

  • I am looking for more information to have a wedding at your venue. Our date is 10/8/2016, our max guest count will be roughly 100 people. We were hoping to find a venue with majority things included, tables, chairs, ceremony, and reception in the same area.

    I look forward to hearing from you.



  • Good morning Jose wanted to know when it would be a good time to drop off the $500.00 to book the Venue for the whole day on our way to church will be out after 12:00. Hope to here from you then.
    Thanks from the Reed family


  • I’m Gary Brett and me and my fiancé would like to schedule a visit to come look st the property on the 29th of February any time! We plan on September 21, 2018 for our date and love the pictures on the website. You can contact us at 904-866-5765.


  • Hello, I’m interested on more info for the diy wedding special. I’m looking to surprise my parents for there anniversary with a wedding vow renewal. I’m wanting to know where exactly would they say there vows on the property? Is there a prop of some sort they can marry under? Can we supply food an eat?


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