DIY Daytime Wedding Special

diy wedding specialWe are pleased to announce a special introductory wedding plan. We understand times are hard but that shouldn’t keep you from having a beautiful memorable wedding on our Riverfront location. We are making Cedar Bay Retreat available for three (3) hours Monday – Friday from 11am to 5pm window for just $500.00 dollars. Think of how amazing it will be to have access to such a beautiful setting and be able to save your hard earned money for your honeymoon, new home or any other newlywed expense! All we need is a 48 hour window before so we can handle your last minute wedding. The save the date/security deposit is only $250.00 dollars.



Requirements to qualify for the above plan:Last minute wedding jacksonville

1. Minimal movement of present furniture

2. Less than 25 total guests (another 25 guests total 50 for an extra $100.00) 50 guests is tops.

3. Total time is 3 hrs. for the whole event (add hrs @250.00 hr if available)

4. You will be responsible for clean-up and putting everything back the way it was.

5. This is strictly for the use of the large concrete patio and back porch areas

If you are looking for a DIY wedding venue or a last minute wedding location we hope we can be of service to you. We thank you in advance for your consideration of Cedar Bay Retreat.

Jose Bosque





9 thoughts on “DIY Daytime Wedding Special

  1. I am looking for more information to have a wedding at your venue. Our date is 10/8/2016, our max guest count will be roughly 100 people. We were hoping to find a venue with majority things included, tables, chairs, ceremony, and reception in the same area.

    I look forward to hearing from you.



  2. Good morning Jose wanted to know when it would be a good time to drop off the $500.00 to book the Venue for the whole day on our way to church will be out after 12:00. Hope to here from you then.
    Thanks from the Reed family


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