Deposit Policy

Cedar Bay Retreat Deposit

Cedar Bay Retreat Deposit Policy

It is important to note that after your event others will be using the Retreat Center. Our prices are very reasonable and that keeps our schedule very busy. We want you to enjoy your time here but it is important that you understand our deposit policy.

The deposit always consists of two parts. There is the Save the Date (our Management fee) non-refundable portion which is $250.00 and the Security/Damage portion (refundable) which is $250.00 for a total of $500.00 dollars.

Should your event take place as agreed 250.00 dollars or the Security/Damage portion will be returned to you within 3 days (72 hours) after your event. You will be contacted to come by and pick up your check provided there were no damages or extra clean up fees. (see list below) Should you have to cancel the event for any reason the entire deposit is forfeited to Cedar Bay Retreat for its loss.

If you are taking advantage of one of our Specials where the total deposit is only $250.00 dollars the break up is as follows $100.00 Save the Date and $150.00 Security/Damage. All else is as above.

Some of the Damages which we might deduct for are:

  1. Excessive Concrete stains due to Drink & Wine Spills
  1. Damage to Plants & Property
  1. Not cleaning up appropriately after your event
  1. Use or Time overages for event, wedding and/or rehearsals, Vendors clean up and take down not finished by 11pm
  1. Didn’t take down Decorations or vendors left them overnight
  1. Moving of furniture or plants and not putting things back in their place
  1. Having more guests than you paid for. Our standard costs and prices are for 100 guests
  1. Damages to plants and property by unsupervised Children

We mention the above to help you plan appropriately for your event. 

When you make your initial deposit you will be agreeing to the contract terms and rules which are found on our website. Upon payment you will receive an invoice from us which states:

(Payment of the Deposit constitutes acceptance of Cedar Bay Retreat rules and policies as outlined in

Thanks for your business!

Should you have any further questions feel free to contact us.



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