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 Looking for a Country Rustic Riverfront venue to tie the knot? It’s our desire to be your Affordable choice. Our starting price is our final price. Please note this is an Outdoor Venue, at a Private Residence with Garden and Riverfront Views.

We offer a 60X 60 Concrete patio and  a 60 X 15 ft Covered Porch that overlook the river.  All rental prices are for the use of the facility as described above. The prices below are for six (6) hours = (2) free hours for setup plus (4) for the event.

Wedding Locations Max Attendance

The Field – With Chairs or Tents 300-400 persons

The Concrete Patio– (As Is) 100 persons

The Concrete Patio– with tables 60 persons

The Covered Porch –  (As Is) 60 persons

The Covered Porch– with tables 48 persons

Saturday / Holiday
(over 50 people less than 100 guests)
Weddings & Reception $1750.00
6pm – 10pm Nights  Events/Party                            $1500.00
2pm – 6pm Daytime
 Events/Party                                 $1200.00
Friday / Sunday
(over 50 people less than 100 guests)
Weddings & Reception $1500.00
6pm – 10pm Nights  Events/Party                                  $1200.00
2pm – 6pm Daytime
 Events/Party                              $750.00
Monday thru Thursday
(over 50 people less than 100 guests)
Weddings & Reception $1000.00
 3 hr Nights/Weekday Events/Party                                       $750.00
 3 hr Daytime/Weekday
( 10am -2pm or 2pm-5pm)
Events/Party/Photo Shoots           $350.00
( Less than 50 people see our specials here under our Specials Tab )
If there is over 100 people an extra fee of 500.00 dollars will be required. We only have two restrooms on the property so the rental of two Port-a-Potties will be required. Also if any liquor is served other than wine or beer a bartender and event rental insurance will be required to protect the Retreat Center and those having the event from being sued should someone have an accident on their way home.

You may use ANY vendor or caterer for for tables ,chairs, flowers or food. We have no restrictions.

All vendors will have to clean up and take down anything they set up. Nothing can be left on the property overnight because of other events.

A $250.00 / $500.00 save the date/security deposit is required to hold a reservation for daytime or nightly event respectively.

You will receive an Invoice on the first of the month of your event via email. We accept all methods of payment up to 1 week before an event. If 72 hours before an event Cash or Credit cards only. No checks are accepted and no refunds of any amounts paid  72 hours before an event. There will be a 3.5% Square/Register fee for all credit card use.

We want you to have the best time of your life when you choose to use Cedar Bay Retreat. We know you won’t read this on any other venue site.

We are reasonable people and we will work with you to make it affordable! 

Call us 904-434-0144 


15 thoughts on “Costs

  1. Hi, after reviewing the costs for events, does the wedding prices include the full day, or are weddings also scheduled in four hour increments?


  2. Hello, my name is Erica and I would like to make a tour of your beautiful venue next Sunday at 3 pm. I will be having someone with me as well. Thank you.
    – Erica Sanchez


    • Hi Erica,
      Thank you for contacting us. We are so happy you like a venue. We work hard to make to make it beautiful and to provide it at an affordable price.
      We are booked this weekend already but we have two spots available for next Sunday at 1pm and at 2pm. Please call us at 904-434-0144 to let us know which one works best for you.
      Cedar Bay Retreat

      Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Chantel
      Thanks for contacting us. We have one spot available for next Sunday at 230pm. Please call us at 904-434-0144 to let us know it it works for you.
      Cedar Bay Retreat


  3. I would like to see more pictures and interested in possibly setting up an appointment to view the property. I am planning my wedding on April 8, 2017


  4. Hi, I was looking at your beautiful venue. I was wondering do you have​ any tours set up for Thursday or Sunday. My fiancee and I are very interested in looking at this venue. Also do y’all do the ceremony as well as the reception.
    Janelle Carmichael


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